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A fireplace is a feature that adds character to the home. The chimney stack provides the same for the exterior of a property. Nowadays, they are not seen as particularly environmentally friendly. The pollution control authorities will have plenty to complain about, as will the climate change enthusiasts. But they are still favorite additions to a building and, in many cases, are necessary. In whatever case, if chimney installation and building services are required, it’s important to know what’s involved. A chimney installation is not the sort of thing to cut corners around, for health and safety reasons. Unless there’s someone in the house with the right training and knowledge, chimney installation and building are best to leave to the chimney installation, building pros.

What to look for and what entailed in chimney installation, building services that’s where this article comes in. A customer should go away feeling more confident in knowing each stage of the chimney installation and building service process. The article will also discuss the dangers posed in the event of improper chimney installation, building.


Firstly, it is good to understand every stage that one can expect to find in hiring professional chimney installation and building services. Naturally, this will differ from chimney installation services provider, so customers are advised to do their own, more in-depth research off the back of this article. The below should give a rough idea of a general chimney installation, building process.


One should treat chimney installation and building services like any product sought online. Chimney installation and building services should not be purchased on impulse or without prior research. Scam artists and rogue traders are everywhere, so one should apply a reasonable degree of care, attention, and diligence in searching for the right chimney installation and building services provider.

Rather than giving an in-depth checklist, here are a few brief pointers. Check out their site for a photo gallery of previous chimney installation, building work. It will help a client gather if they can do the sort of work required.

Also, bear in mind their years of experience, but note, that the company chosen possibly not specialize in chimney installation and building services during that time, but instead may be an all-around property development firm. Finally, most importantly, search for proof of any certification, accreditation. It will separate the real chimney installation and building companies from the scams.


If it’s chimney installation and building services that the customer requires, it stands to reason to assume there is not a pre-existing chimney stack on the property. Therefore, consultation with the chimney installer will most probably be necessary. An architect should be on hand as well, to ensure that the customer's plans are feasible.

While telephone, Skype or email communication is always an option, it is advisable to book a face-to-face consultation if possible. Meeting with the chimney installer in person may allow for more explicit illustrations of what the customer wants and defines the chimney installer’s capabilities. In short, it eliminates the possibility of miscommunication.

After the consultation, they should produce a professional, architectural drawing to ensure that the chimney installation provider understood the idea. It is always best to have a precise picture of what must be built.


Architectural drawings assure that the property in question reflects the customer’s description and that the plans can be realized. The customers are more likely to be amateurs in the property development world, and their understanding concerning architectural design and the precision involved therein may be insufficient.

Therefore, any wise chimney building, installation provider will send out a representative to inspect the property – whether residential or commercial – and assess that chimney could be installed following the original plan.

If the clients are present during the inspection, so much the better. Once again, this will decrease communication issues between parties, saving any added stress and confusion to the customer in the long run.

While it may vary between chimney installation providers usually following the inspection, the building, installation services company will provide an accurate quote to the customer.


When acquiring chimney building, installation services for old and listed buildings, one should take extra care, attention, and preparation. These properties often come with a lot of character attached, and one should preserve it if possible.

An on-site inspection will be necessary in these cases, but so will attention by an architect. They will be required to assess the condition of the building and ensure that performing any chimney installation and building services will not cause any damage to the property, or not make it unsafe for a living?

Architects and inspectors often don’t recommend modernizing an old property by adding a chimney and fireplace.


The drawings or sketches composed during the consultation stage of the chimney installation and building project, alongside with notes and details that were taken down by the inspector when performing the on-site survey, will help towards coming up with the final design.  

Chimney building, installation providers, will use an array of different methods to draw this up. Among the most commonly seen ways are CAD systems and sheet metal templates.

Due to their technical experience, any potential issues highlighted in either the briefing, consultation or inspection stages of the chimney building, installation project will have been considered and worked around by the chimney installer.


One can expect that the chimney installation and building services selected by the customer will use a variety of tools, machinery, and techniques to make the final product. It even includes using things like plasma profiling or MIG/TIG welding techniques to create chimney accessories.

These accessories range from the first insert and gather or sump adaptors (particularly useful for open fireplaces) to termination sections which have been specially designed by the architect or chimney installation technician. It also includes steel canopies, more frequently found in commercial properties. Depending on the clients’ preferences, these commonly made in conical or scalloped shapes.


It is crucial that the chimney building, installation is carried out correctly the first time.

Poorly installed or maintained flues and chimneys come with a long list of extreme dangers, particularly in a residential property. Using an incorrectly installed chimney poses the severe risk of chimney fires – add that to a carpeted living room, and the results are clear without saying.

Fire is not the only hazard. There are toxic gases as well, which must be ventilated out by the chimney. Otherwise, think of all the poisonous carbon monoxide other chemicals, which could make its way throughout a house.

Luckily, nowadays, chimney installation and building services won’t be able to get away with doing a sub-standard job, even if they wanted to. Health and safety regulations, plus strict building codes have specifications directly concerning chimney installation and building services.

Furthermore, in many countries, there are specialists – “code enforcement agencies” – whose job it is to carry out inspections on newly-built chimneys before they get used in a household or commercial property.

These are usually for the new chimney installations. In the cases of the pre-existing chimney, customers have their own set of worries. If chimney building was carried out long before the strict codes came into play, then there’s a definite higher risk of fire. Therefore, an appropriate survey must be provided by the chimney installation, building services specialist.

When researching chimney installation and building services provider, also check what after-care services they can provide. Customers may get the benefits of having the installation and maintenance services all in one place.

Some chimney installation and building services companies may offer CCTV chimney inspection services, to keep a close eye on any deterioration following fair wear-and-tear. The after-care may also include more straightforward jobs, such as chimney sweeping, or carrying out any re-lining where required.